Laugfs Supermarkets

Laugfs!! one of the most popular brand names in Sri Lanka for fuel stations, gas, etc. They do have a pretty good supermarket chain but the establishments are rather small compared to their counterparts like Cargills and Keells.

Laugfs Supermarkets are relatively new to the industry and some might think that it made an impact! I neither agree nor disagree!! Because, Laugh is yet another chain like cargills and keells, and I always find their environment to be a little dull! I don’t know if its because of their surroundings!

Laugfs supermarkets are located with their fuel stations. However, they manage their fuel stations pretty well and they give you a far better service then any other fuel station chains in Sri Lanka!

BuddalokaLaugfs supermarket’s staff is well trained but sometimes more younger employees can be clueless of what they are doing! Moreover, they do have pretty good vegetable and meat sections and also the supermarket has all the varieties of products you need for the daily usage. One plus point about Laugfs is that they operate a 24 hour supermarket in Havelock!!! It’s a huge advantage for the city that never sleeps, but unfortunately they don’t serve alcohol at all! (maybe that’s good 😉 If you get hungry in the middle of the night its either Pillawoos for a kottu or Laughs for an instant noodles! In conclusion, Laugfs is an average supermarket chain which has a huge potential to grow if they do the right thing and step up the game service wise!


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