Light House Galley

Ah!!!  Where do I even start? The amazing views? Cheap Booze? Friendly Staff? Good Food? Very reasonable prices? You can’t even say Galley is run by the navy cause its that good!!! For Friday nights it’s a really good alternative for your usual Kama or Randoli Sports Club!


Outside View

To start off it might not look much from the outside but people don’t judge a book by its cover!!! Of course it doesn’t have the ambiance of a 5 star hotel or a restaurant,  its more of a middle range wine and dine place!! 🙂  Let me tell this to you guys; it has amazing views! If you are lucky enough to actually make reservation to the roof top ( believe me it gets busy) you are in for a surprise! Go to the galley around 5.30 if you reserve the rooftop and watch the sun set!!! It is simply amazing!

Light House Galley photos They used set up tables like this outside, but unfortunately not anymore!

Lighhouse Galley is a bit different from most of the beach restaurants and  some of the other restaurants in Colombo! They don’t serve alcohol on sand but they do serve it inside the dinning area and obviously in bar and the roof top (reservations only) However,  this place can get really really busy (specially on Friday nights). I suggest you all to put a reservation before going, but this doesn’t apply to the bar! You can see young office crowd as well as a bit mature generation in the same spot and this is a rare scene in Colombo!! Good news for the ladies!! You guys can walk in to the bar anytime, because no one seem to give ladies those looks where they sometimes get from bars of this kind!


Food in Lighthouse Galley is really good! The prices are really reasonable and they cater to satisfy Eastern and Western Taste buds!! They pretty much cook everything. Pasta, Kottu, Biriyani, Fried Rice, etc. They do a pretty good Briyani (around 500 bucks); its a bit oily but the yellow rice and the 5chicken is just perfect 😀  The Pasta (Rs.350 upwards) and other Western dishes are pretty good too! Furthermore, the soups and their desserts are amazing while they do their food right, on busy nights it takes them a long time to cook a simple dish of Pasta instead the waiters offer the Biriyani saying it can be served in 15 – 20 minutes 😀 All in all the food is above average and the chefs cook up good dishes even at 11 pm! Yes you can visit here to have a good dinner but the main attraction of the establishment is Booze!!


As I said they don’t serve liquor on  the sand but they really do have a good bar! And believe me when I say this, you can have a White Rum shot for 70 bucks!!!! What else do you need for a good night out??

img05Their bar is a real nice place to be! Some might think that it is a bit dodgy. Yes I agree it doesn’t have the same ambiance as Amuseum but if you are ok with paying over 1100 bucks for a bottle of beer and really in to clubbing and the electro music scene, this is really not the place for you! Light House Galley bar has  local as well as  imported varieties of liquor for really good prices. Moreover, the bites are also really good! Once we ordered Battered Prawns(Rs.450) and it was just amazing and just about anything in the menu won’t set you back more than 600 bucks! Furthermore, they have a pretty interesting variety of cocktails (rs.700 upwards). All the above dishes are enough for two or three so what more do you need to have a good Friday night with friends?


One of the downsides of this place is that the service can be horrible at times :/ It’s a real shame, because such a  star class place truly deserves better service! This is mainly, because they are still relatively new and some of the young staff members really don’t know how to be competent on busy nights. As a result, you might have to wait around 10 minutes or more just to get a waiters attention to yourself!

In Conclusion

Light House Galley is truly a nice establishment which you can have a really good time without breaking the bank! It also has amazing views! With that verdict let me tell you that it does get real busy on Friday nights and if you want to reserve the rooftop you should call them at least 2 weeks before! Since, they don’t serve liquor on sand or food in their bar, and if the dinning areas are full it might be impossible to get a table to have dinner after going to the bar(so keep that in mind too).  All the above price are only subjected to a 10% service charge and they don’t take tax! Weird!! 😮 Anyways this place is one of the best kept secrets of the city because most of the colombars don’t even know that such a place exist.

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Article by Suwin Amarbandu


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