Leesh Sandwich Bar!! A real nice addition to the city

Nugegoda is kind of a culinary waste land! Yes all the franchises have a heavy presence in the city, but not many fine dinning and better food options! And for us who live in the suburbs of Colombo don’t really have an option! Its useless driving into the Metropolitan City of Colombo with the insane school traffic at the lunch hour. Therefore, you should really love spending hours in your vehicle if you prefer and want to drive to the city for lunch 😀

Finally!!!!!!!! My prayers to the food gods have been answered, and they have blessed the city of Nugegoda with a real nice authentic sandwich bar called LEESH  😀
Salad Bar


Eventhoug, Burgers King and other street side burger joints have made an everlasting impression in the community it is no where as healthy or posh as the leesh burger 😉


I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Burger (Rs.220) and believe me it was amazing!!! Its better than those oily burgers in Mc Donlads or Zinger Burgers (I don’t know why KFC  Sri Lanka even call this a burger because it is a bloody disgrace to the burger community and even for the franchise! a review for another time) I could actually taste the teriyaki in the burger and also all the veggies tasted so  fresh!!!  The patty was just perfect and the bun was also baked well! They actually know their stuff very well!! 


All in all meal seemed to be healthy and well worth the 220 bucks! Furthermore, it was a very filling meal and I was completley satisfied with the food.

The service you get in Leesh is the same service you will get at home (not from angry amma’s though 😀   You get served by a really nice couple who will take a minute to have a chat with you and make you feel important 😉

The only downside is that they sometimes run out of supplies, as a result full menu won’t be available at times, and it is a bit of a disappointment (this is perfectly understandable, since Leesh is still an emerging sandwich bar in an island full of fast food) So I suggest you guys to ring them before going!!


* All these pics are from their fb site because I was too hungry to take pictures of the burger before eating it and didn’t have time too!!! Moreover, we hear good things about their beverages and we will surely come again to try their full menu and do a full review ( they were out of some supplies)


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LeeSHSandwichBar

If you haven’t been here why not give it a try! Because I am telling you its worth it!Finally, this burger  will surely hit your taste buds and will surely would not leave left overs behind!!! 

Article by – Suwin Amrabandu


One thought on “Leesh Sandwich Bar!! A real nice addition to the city

  1. i totally agree and i always find an excuse to visit Leesh whenever i’m in nugegoda.The freshness in their food is something so unique and the service is so warm it makes you want to go there even for a cup of coffee .

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