CameraLk – The one stop camera shop!!

CameraLK is the one stop place for all your photography needs. If your interested in photography you should already know where it is!!.Turn to the Highlevel road at the Kirulupona junction & go forward for around a kilometer  & you’ll find the place.
CameraLK is popular among us photographers for its cheap prices & for their great custom service. It’s the only place in Sri Lanka which gives you a replacement warranty. Moreover, in cameraLK you can find all the photographic equipment including newest DSLR cameras, Lenses, Bags, Pro Lights, Flashers & any other photography accessories you’ll ever need. They are famous for Nikon, Canon, Tamron, Sigma, Pixel, Lowepro brands & you can place special orders according to your need after going there.
With the smiling faces of their salesmen & the great customer service it’s the best place to buy yourself a camera.

If you are in to photography this is a must visit!!


Article by Thyaga Gunasekara


3 thoughts on “CameraLk – The one stop camera shop!!

  1. Can you recommend somewhere to service a camera?Just a normal digital camera. And your blog is quite helpful I must say.

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