Keells Super Mahragama

Remember the good old days where we used to see lines of  people in front of small shops owned by Mudalalis with a big belly wearing  sarongs?? Those days are over!! Out with the old and in with the new!! People now have less time, therefore they tend to go to supermarkets and do all their grocery shopping under a single roof! yes this is a good thing:) Its air-conditioned, has a clean environment and there is always space to park vehicles, however these new trends have caused small time Entrepreneurs big problems!!

Few years back  Cargills Food City  seemed to the Monopoly of the industry, but quite recently competition has increased and all are doing there best to be the best in the market! Out of all the places I really like Keells!! The service is great and all their products are fresh. Moreover, I always find all their outlets to be quite charming.

IMG_0647 Five years back they used to have a few outlets but now Keells supermarkets have grown up to 51 and they reached that just in a few years. Unlike some other places Keells always cares about their customers and also have a good variety of items. Even though, they don’t have clothes, accessories and furniture like Arpico they do have a pretty good loyalty program which keeps customers from coming back. Keells loyalty customers get really good offers and on top of that their prices seem to be a bit less than other supermarkets. All in all every supermarkets of this manner in the island are more or less the same, but I personally prefer Keells on top of others.

Article by Suwin Amarabandu


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