Dinemore – Colombo’s most popular submarine :D

Dinemore  is one of those places where I used to love  as a young boy! Apart from going to the doctor and getting shots -_- They used to do pretty good submarines and I remember around 5 years back they did not have all these fancy flavors like Spicy chicken, shrimp, etc. It used to be plain old chicken submarine which I couldn’t finish by myself! I don’t know if its me or has dinemore lost its charm quite recently? For me Dinemore’s unique submarine has lost its charm, as a result I didn’t step in to this food grave yard for the last six or seven months!!! Today I thought of visiting it after some time to prove my point that Dinemore is not a worthy option for my taste buds anymore !! Oh boy I was sooooooo wrong!!!!!!

We ordered a Spicy Chicken submarine (the signature dish of the establishment) -[ Rs.380], a Chicken Shawarma [Rs.280], Mango Lassi[Rs.190], A Vanilla Milk shake[Rs.200] and a plate from their salad bar [Rs.290]. (All the above prices include taxes)

Salad Bar


The salad bar was alright for 290 bucks and it contained all the veggies you except from a salad bar of this manner. All the vegetables tasted like vegetables(stating the obvious) and everything else was pretty average. At first I said Dinemore has lost its charm because the submarines are not thatSubmarine good anymore!! The chicken is overcooked used too much mayo and onions!! But today I experienced a way better version of the  spicy chicken submarine which restored my faith in dinemore again. The spices were all good chicken was cooked nicely and the bun itself was also good! The only downside is that they have used too much mayo (Sri Lankans seem to enjoy it) in the submarine.  The Chicken Shawarma didn’t taste like an authentic Arabic shawarma but not in a bad way. Even though, the pita bread was a bit overcooked the filling tasted good with a touch of dinemore’s mayo! I personally believe mayo and the quantity of veggies are too much. They have used smoked chicken for the shawarma and it tasted alright. 

filling of the shawarma

The Mango Lassi was just perfect! I don’t know but for some strange reason it actually tasted better than roots!! The curd tasted fresh and could actually taste bits of mango. The Vanila Milk shake was a disaster and it tasted like eating a melted Elephant House ice-cream, but people next to our table seemed to enjoy it very much.

Vanilla milk shake and lassi

*Update – Fried Rice (Rs.350)

Fried Rice served in Dine-more is fairly good and they have named it as the Singapore fried rice. Although, it looks like a normal Chinese set menu off Kinjou or Flower Drum tastes a bit different.  The chicken was a bit sweet (not in a bad way), the veggies tasted good, but the rice was really really dry. Didn’t like the rice at all and it was a bit cold for a freshly served meal.  However, it was a good meal, but you can get a far better set menu lunch from Jade for the same price.

IMG_1003    IMG_1004



Service is not 5 star I’ve seen better service in Pillawoos, and even in Dinemore few years back. It took them 20 minutes to get the food to the table and another 10 minutes to bring the receipt of the credit card transaction.  

In Conclusion

I don’t know whether they have fired their old chefs but foods taste way better than it used to be few months back. Dinemore has good food, not amazing but pretty average. The prices seem to reasonable despite the they can improve in many ways and they also have a huge potential to grow!

Website – http://www.dinemore.lk

Article by Suwin Amarabandu


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