Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard is one of the closest in Sri Lanka for an actual shopping mall! Crescat has it all!! Clothing stores, Jewelry, Food Court, etc. This particular mall is well-known for all upmarket clientele and international franchises and a good place to shop till you drop 😉

Crescat Boulevard EntranceShops –  The establishment has most of the well-known international franchises and also some of the well-respected brands in the country.

For men – Dillys and Carlos, Hameedias, etc

* There is a small shop in Crescat called Paris Gallery which has some of the French and international linen brands and always be prepared if you are expecting to shop here. Even though, its occupies a small space their products come with big price tags!!!! A shirt can cost a whooping Rs.9,000 in Paris Gallery.

For Ladies – Crescat has an extensive range of shops for all you ladies out there! Ie – Avirate, Backstage, Dillys, Lakshmis.

There are other international brands like Reebok, Addidas and also if you are in for jewelry you can always visit the Colombo Jewelry store or Stone and Strings on the 1st floor!

It also houses shops which have exquisite ornaments and also some other items which represents the Sri Lankan culture (Be Sri Lankenized)



Apart from all the franchises this mall occupies, it also has a decent food court and also a really good cafe called Sugar Bistro and Wine! If you are in mood for a fresh juice, wine, or even wanna go have a smoke and read a magazine Sugar is the place to go! But if you are in for a good coffee and some pastries during your shopping spree or you want to recover from aftereffects of shopping (ladies specially) you can always go to the coffee stop in cinnamon grand (which will be reviewed).

Food Court       I find the food court to be a reasonable one but not for health conscious people 😀 However, the food court has a full Indian vegetarian restaurant which does very good Dosais. Moreover, the fodd court also houses many fast food restaurants like pizza hut and also home to some the small franchises like bbq hut and Mongolian Hut.

In Conclusion

Crescat is a pretty decent shopping mall in Colombo and if you have hours to waste then this is a must do! Shops are a bit exclusive than your normal street side boutique some have insane price tags while the others have a very reasonable pricing. I don’t have to tell much about this because every colombar has been here more than once in their lifetime!!

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Article by – Suwin Amarabandu


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