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Barracuda – Dehiwala

Great food at an interesting location!

Address  -1965, Northeast 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach, Dehiwala Mt Lavinia, Colombo 
          (Its near where the Marine Drive Starts on the Dehiwala Side) 
Phone    - 011 2710777
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/barracudalk

We islanders love our seafood, but unfortunately its kind of hard these days to find a place to have a good seafood meal, with a view which provides good services, frequented by a good crowd, and without breaking the bank. I would say barracuda is the place to go…

I will start with a ‘to be honest’… Tbh, these days Dehiwala or Mount’s beach restaurants are frequented by youth who are into drinking and places like Buba is ¬†attracting the wrong crowd. Most of the time these places are heaven on earth for party-goers making it really hard to find a place on in Mount/ Dehiwala, to have good meal without loud EDM or the smell of weed ūüėõ


Baraccuda is located at a calm stretch of the beach towards welwatta, and it has absolutely stunning views of the sea and the beach. Its frequented by a good crowd who just wants to hang around and chill (which is kind of hard to see in this electronic age ūüėÄ ). I haven’t being to Baracudda at nights, but it should have a pretty atmosphere from the looks of it. They have wooden chairs and tables on the sand facing the beach, and the whole place is kind of covered by the trees, making it not so hot even for an afternoon meal.

1005307_355864944539964_1423303792_n  10302405_495177133942077_3215764795029619468_n



We were in a bit of hurry, so didn’t have a chance to pick and choose exquisite seafood from their menu. We would definitely visit Barracuda for a proper seafood faire. We ordered a large Indian Style Seafood Fried Rice (Rs.798), Stir Fried Kankun in Garlic (Rs.378), Hot Garlic Chicken (Rs.548) and Sizzling Cuttle Fish with Green Chilli Sauce (Rs.548). All above portions were enough for 3 people and were all small, except the Rice. The Indian style rice was really really good, and it was superior to usual Sri Lankan-Indian fried rice dishes. Well cooked, with all sort of Indian assortments which included this crunchy biscuit kudu (powder) ūüėČ kind of thing. ¬†Chicken was the usual you get from anywhere like Flower Drum or Chinese Dragon and so was the kankun. The Sizzling cuttle fish was also really really nice and it comes with a bit of creative presentation. All in all food was pretty good and filling, and I would its one of the best meals I had on the beach (even though it wasn’t much)

10502486_10152316280069635_2939270133538535396_n 10501636_10152316279864635_7056836054321489426_n

Service and Prices

Waiters were very attentive from the time we walked in & it was never hard to catch a waiter’s attention at any time. Food was served quick (15 min) and all the staff was well dressed and trained from the looks of it. Well its not really really cheap but the bill for 3 of us came to around Rs.3,200 including the service charge. The sizzling platter was ordered separate (not included in the Rs. 3.2k), ¬†and even without that renaming ¬†can also amount to¬†a good meal. ¬†It woukd cost around Rs.1000 – Rs.1,600 a person for a meal with a few lager beers (Rs.350 each).

Barrcuda is really nice chill spot for a romantic evening, family dinner or even for a quick lunch; I hope they would maintain the same standards for years to come as this would definitely be on top of my sea food restaurants list.


* Took a few pics from their page

Colombo Fort Cafe by Harpos

Another Dutch Hospital Establishment Review!

Address - Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Fort, Colombo.
TP  - 011 2434946, 077 7780188
Times - 10 am - 11 pm
Cusine - European, Mediterranean
Web - http://harposonline.com/colombofortcafe.php
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colombo-Fort-Cafe/263390970363758

Its been¬†a while !!! Too long actually…

We are not patrons of this place, instead attracted to Taphouse or the cheaper option, Colombo City Hotel. However I have to admit Colombo Fort Cafe isn’t a bad place at all.



Fort Cafe is a pretty chilled out place catering to a niche clientèle and expats who want to sip a beer and have a good meal in the evening. They have seating outside on the corridor and seating inside which gives the feeling of an authentic Italian cafe well outside the town. Blue coloured wooden chairs placed at the bar adds a bit of glamour to the place, and also a good substitute to the usual bar stools.



We ordered a Pizza Magharita 9″ (Rs.960), a caesar salad (Rs.400), a Chile Prawn Alioli (pasta) (Rs.1150) and a few soft drinks (Rs.150 each). All the above dishes are enough for one person and if you are a heavy eater, the regular 9″ pizza might not fully satisfy your hunger. Food was good.. I would give pizza a 6.5/10 & 8/10 for the pasta. Pizza’s crust was a bit overcooked but the toppings were quite good. Other who tried it said the pizza¬†was good but for me it was a bit “meh”. Maybe I am not used that superior taste of italian cusine. However, Alioli was really good and filling, even for someone like me who eats a bit more than an average person :p Prawns were well marinated, and there was a good mixture of spices and the pasta itself was fresh and perfectly cooked; even though it was too oily than I expected. There isn’t anything to write home about the salad, you know.. it’s what is exactly its suppose to be.


Service & Prices

Service was pretty good, it was a bit of a hassle to grab a waiters attention, but after that everything else went on smoothly. Food came pretty fast and the process of settling the bill was quick too. Prices might be a bit towards the expensive side and its understandable due to the location and the fare provided. ¬†Bare in mind they also have the 10% service charge & Gov. taxes which gets added on to the bill making it cost like Rs.1,500 – Rs.2,000 a person without alcohol or even beer ūüėģ

d212dfd993d1cb3c9936b4bb84c3fe33-36 6069342941994e3c8b34816e357dd22c-26 1663b9c8a2a2d0a5c02c224586bf3b73-24

They have a free mojito promotion in the evening!!!



Chicken BBQ & Cheese Kottu – Hotel De New Pillawoos

Address - Near Romafour Bamablapitya
Times   - 24/7
T.P.    - 0112580125

You won’t believe what you can do on a BBQ grill!!¬†

We have not posted on our blog from a long time due to unavoidable circumstances, but it will not be the case from today. We assure you that the blog will be updated to satisfy your taste buds and craving food wants ūüėÄ

On a lazy evening around 8pm we ¬†were driving on the galle road with only one intention, “to eat something!” and thought to give “Hotel De New Pillawoos” a try. The pleasent aroma of a tasty BBQ mixed with the smell of gold leaf came as soon as we walked into the joint, and ordered a Cheese Chicekn Kottu (Rs.440) and a BBQ Chicken Kottu (Rs.410).

BBQ Chicken Kottu – I will give it 5 thumbs up if I have 5, but let me tell you this it tasted absolutely wonderful and full of flavour. All this time Pillawoos was a bit mainstream for me and always preferred a road side “Ajantha hotalaya”, or “Yamuna Cafe” over Pillawoos, however faith on pilawoos kottu was restored on last Tuesday night:p The chicken was well marinated, and the rotti used was good as well. Two can eat one dish, but it depends on how you eat and how hungry you are…


Cheese chicken Kottu – I am not a huge fan of Cheese chicken Kottu and for me its not even meant to be together (no offense to cheese kottu lovers). It tasted okish, dish was a bit cold compared to the BBQ chicken, and the incrigdients tasted a bit not so fresh. Moreover, for me and to both of my friends it tasted like something pre cooked, micro waved and served, although I saw them actually making it. I think they have used some inferior quality cheese and if you ask me I would take a BBQ chicken kottu over a cheese kottu any day.


Its nice to see that Pillawoos is doing something unique cause kottu scene was losing its hype over there…

*BBQ kottu is only available after 6.30 pm and prices are not affected by service charge or taxes.

Cafe 64 – Galadari Colombo

A Cafe with a view!

Address 64 Lotus Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka
7 AM to 9 PM
Rs. 500-Rs.1000

Colombo has a fare share of cafes, some with substandard service and inferior quality offerings while others try to imitate international coffee franchises.  However, there are a good share of cafes in the city of Colombo which does a pretty good job from service to food and beverages, and Cafe 64 is one of them.



64’s interior is not posh nosh like their coffee shop or lobby bar, even though they have simple wood and stainless steal furniture inside is still a pleasant place to dine. Outside they have a set of tables and chairs where people can smoke and have a pleasant chat with one of the best views in Colombo. If you go there around 5 in the evening, scenic beauty of sunset over the horizon will surely be an amazing thing to watch and sip a good cup of coffee.


Cafe 64’s offering are usually good but rarely they do cook up some mediocre food. They have a good variety of pastries and short eats all priced in between Rs.80 – Rs.150 and 64 does serve rice and curry, and biriyani for lunch(Rs.300-Rs.450). Rice and Curry was full of flavor, and it does not taste like some European chef who do not have any sense about local cuisine cooked it; which seems to be the new trend in some of the local wanna be eateries. One thing I love about cafe 64 is their ice cream, they don’t have much flavours like Rios or Baskin and Robbins but whatever they have are up to the standard. I love their mint chocolate ice cream priced at pretty reasonably at 100 bucks a scoop. They also have cakes and other desserts which I have not tried, but should taste good from the looks of it. Furthermore, 64 has a diner buffet on Friday/Saturday and also some offers on food like pizzas, so call them up before going.

*Above prices are including service charges and taxes



Service is up to the standard, and they seem to run on self service basis cause you have to order the food, pay the bill and get the food from the counter. One of the minus points in cafe 64 is that it is a bit congested; when I tried to wash my hands, their hand dryer automatically turned on and burnt my skin a bit :p

Views are one of the main reasons to try go to Cafe 64, so if you go there in an evening sit outside and enjoy paradise ūüôā

Pitstop – Hilton Residence

An average coffee shop

Times - 7 am - 7 pm.
Open 365 days

You want to dine in a posh establishment, but don’t want to pay big buck for it? Star class hotel’s coffee shop is the place to go. It offers the ambiance of a good hotel and food at reasonable prices simultaneously. I was passing Hilton Colombo Residence (former Jaic Hilton) and wanted to have a quick snack, therefore went ¬†to pitstop.


I ordered a Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with the¬†baguette bread (Rs.350) and an espresso to satisfy my taste-buds. The sandwich was really good… I loved the tandoori chicken and it was fresh. The other fillings like lecture and tomato went well together with the tandoori and no unnecessary fillings were present. The bread was firm, so I didn’t have to use half of my upper body strength to chew it. Espresso was ‘ok’ I guess, it wasn’t amazing but not that bad either. Well TBH the coffee was somewhere between the Mc Donalds coffee and Sponge’s coffee. The meal was up to the standards and ¬†value for money.



Pitstop is not Posh Nosh and don’t have really comfortable seating like Cinnamon’s Coffee Stop where you can spend half of your day, however, for a quick snack Pitstop is not a bad place.


The service was efficient and the staff was very helpful when I wanted to buy a cake; Pitstop is a good place to go for a quick snack and some coffee.

* Service charge and Government tax extra.

Heladiv Tea Club – Liberty Arcade

Ceylon Tea. The Next Level…

Mon - Thu: 9:00 am - 12:00 am ,Fri: 9:00 am - 1:00 am, Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 1:00 am
Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct and Liberty Arcade Colombo
Cuisine - Tea, Lounge
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/heladivteaclub

The coffee craze has died down, but the coffee shop scene is getting substituted by tea clubs. We can see a huge boom in the industry of tea clubs, because that’s where the money is now (maybe ūüėČ ). Dilmah T lounge in Dutch, Tea Breeze in Nawam Mawatha, and some new tea lounge by mango tree are new additions to the city apart from expansion of Heladiv to Liberty Arcade within this year itself. Man us Colombo people must be loving our tea :p and so we thought to try out how the expanded Heladiv is faring in this tea Crazed Sub Culture…


Interior is not too bad, and ¬†in fact it represents a much more superior culture than the chic environments of coffee shops. Sofas are comfortable and a nice way to hangout with a crowd while there are tables with chairs (kind of) which is more suitable for two ¬†to three people. ¬†Moreover, there are some chairs and tables outside for smokers, however I wouldn’t go there in an afternoon even if a Dunhill Carton is present cause there are no shades. All in all they have made use of the space to full and its different than your usual chill out place in a good way.

IMG_1156     IMG_1155


IMG_1163Heladiv, being a tea club we don’t wanna make a fuss about the food, but we tried out some of their cheese toast (Rs.590) and it was good ūüôā Had a good flavour to it and essence of Cheese was present (unlike some of the town’s other joints). We ordered a flavoured Black Iced Tea (Rs. 240) and a mango green tea latte. Both of them were good and quite a nice change from your usual coffee. I am not very much of a tea person, but these were pretty awesome! Although, these guys specialize in teas the had a variety of coffees in their menu, therefore we tried them out too. We had an Ice Caramel Latte (Rs.380) and a Machchiato (Rs.360). ¬†MAchchiato was a bit ‘meh’ and I would say paying 400 bucks for that is not for me. On the other hand, the Ice Caramel Latte was just amazing and I could actually taste the flavours blended together creating a iced beverage dream land.


All in all we loved our experience in Heladiv tea club and the service was up to the standards too. Heladiv in Liberty Arcade is a good place to kill some time and maybe close a business tea with Ceylon tea.

Cheers Pub – Cinnamon Grand

Cheers for sports!

Type of food: Traditional British pub food 
Open:¬†11:00 a.m. ‚Äď 2:00 a.m. (daily)
Reservations: (94) (11) 2 497373

Cheers Pub is one of the closet things we Colombian’s ¬†have for a Colonial British Sports Pub…. Its situated inside famous Cinnamon Grand which I spent hours and hours wondering around. We love all Cinnamon’s restaurants, because they maintain the star class service for a reasonable price tag. ¬†There’s not another place in Colombo which has so many hardcore sports clientele from Sri Lanka and around the world.

IMG_0156   Untitled


Stepping in to Cheers is like stepping in to another world of chronicles! You get the British Pub feeling from their wooden door and wall panels, and the Chelsea football jerseys brings out the ambiance of the place which is similar to an establishment in the colonial era. Cheers has two sections; one, more family oriented inner section and an outer section which is frequented by patrons watching Rugby and Football games while sipping a pint of Carlsberg or Irish Dark and cheering for their favorite team. Moreover, there is a huge glass which faces a wall saying Cheers Pub and also a pool table which people can play a game if the actual game on television is too boring ūüėČ



To start off, Cheers is not your average Friday night spot or chick nightclub like KAMA, not even close. It caters to a more mature clientele so the food and the beverages they serve are also prepared accordingly. This does not mean that a group of teens can’t have a good time, but it might be a lil bit hard to see all those familiar faces you might see at a night club. Cheers serves a good variety of bar bites and beverages. They are¬†reasonably priced (before the gov. tax though) and live up to the Cinnamon’s hype. We ordered a Chicken Burger with Chips (Rs.650) , Pork Chops (Rs.1320) , some tall Lion Lager Bottles (Rs.400+ each), and an Irish Dark (Rs.400 + ). They have a range of local and foreign liquor shots which starts from Rs. 300 and upwards… The food was good, I loved the Chicken burger and the patty was well marinated with the correct sauces. Furthermore, unlike most of Colombo’s offerings chef has actually cooked the chips with care and they were not dry at all.

111   Untitled3


The service is usually good, but we had a bit of a bad experience on a busy Saturday. It was All Blacks game day and Cheers was full of cheering fans so it took us some time to catch the attention of a waiter and it took them a good ten minutes to serve the beers.


Cheers is a good place to visit, specially if you are into Rugby or Football!

Akasa Kade

Akasa Kade Colombo’s favorite lunch time restaurant on the sky!

Address    - Akase Kade, No.69, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01.
T.P.       - +94 112 333 332
Per Person - Rs. 450 - Rs.1800
Website    - http://www.akasakade.lk/
Zomato     - http://www.zomato.com/colombo/akasa-kade-fort

Akasa Kade has been there for a long time and apparently they have started on 1963. That’s way before I was born and even my mom ūüėÄ so don’t really know how it was those days… Kade is located on the 13th floor of the Ceylinco building in Fort near the famous Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex, and some time ago it used to be ¬†the restaurant at the tallest building in Colombo which gave a helicopter view. Anyhow they were closed down for some years and began their operation sagain in 2011 (as I can remember).



I would like to start off with the ambiance as its one of the biggest reasons you should consider (more than the food too ) Akasa Kade. It has a stunning view of ¬†the harbor and the towers of the World Trade Center. ¬†We actually felt like that we are dinning on the top of the world, at least Colombo, because most parts of the restaurant is covered with frame-less glass. The areal view of the harbor together with the tiny cars and roads gives a great picture which ¬†looks like a Micheal Angelo’s master-piece. The interior of the restaurant doesn’t create much of an excitement and there were some broken chairs on the table we sat. Interior of the restaurant is pretty average however, I am telling you again that from Akasa Kade you get amazing views!

box8  IMG_1112


As far as I know Akasa Kade does not serve a al a carte, at least for lunch, however they have a really extensive lunch buffet for Rs.1000 per head. Its a bit of a rad price tag for a traditional lunch, even for a buffet but the amazing views make all of it worth. The buffet includes a soup (which I really did not like and smelt weird), variety of rice, other mains and all time Sri Lankan favorite desserts like caramel, kesel (bananas) and wattalapam. The food was ok… its not amazing and nothing special; I expected better for 1000 bucks. Fish Ambul Thiyal was good, but the chicken we had was a bit overcooked. Anyhow, the variety of food is good and its fresh unlike some lunch buffet options in the city. Moreover, they are also open for breakfast and Akasa KAde has a dinner buffet which is Rs.1500 and a cheaper lunch set menu for Rs.450 (do check about this before going).



The buffet got filled in an efficent manner and the waiters were very attentive to the way the food moved. However, the service was slow and it took them over 10 minutes to get a few bottles of Cola and another good 10 minutes to prepare the bill. We were literally the only ones there cause 3 pm is rather an unorthodox time to have lunch.

All in all I will give Akasa Kade 3.5 or even 3.75 stars out of 5… If they step up the game with better service and ¬†increase the standards of food and the interior of the restaurant, this would be one of my ¬†go to places for lunch when I am not broke ;).

Kalu’s Hideaway – Udawala

Hotel Address ‚Äď Walawegama, Udawalawe, Sri Lanka
TP - + 94 47 4929930
Email - hotel@kalushideaway.com
Website - http://www.kalushideaway.com/index.html
Trip Advisor - http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g674587-d655805-Reviews-Kalu_s_Hideaway-Uda_Walawe_National_Park.html

Nature at its best!

“Sri Lanka, a land like no other”. This statement is true for most of the instances when you go to a government office to get something done ūüėÄ however, today’s review ¬†is not about how to sneak your way through the system to get something done in a government office, but it is about a much better place where most of the people in Sri Lanka don’t know about.



As the name suggested it’s well hidden away from the normal star class hotels in Udawala, so you have to drive a good 20 – 30 minutes to reach Kalu’s from the town. Before1173747_610234339029201_2065183062_n (1) covering the location, the road to Kalu’s itself is worth a review. You have to go pass the beautiful Udwalawa reservoir¬†and believe me when I say this, it’s well worth the drive through the narrow road, because the views are really amazing. Udawala is really unappreciated by most of the Lankans even though its only a 3 – 4 hour drive ¬†(even less depending on the driver ūüėČ and if you have VIP number plates) and people still tend to choose locations like Nuweraliya, Anurdhapura, and Polonaruwa. There’s nothing wrong with those destinations, but Udawalawa offers a much more diverse and a chilled out environment for a unique experience. Afterwards, you have to go through a series of muddy roads to reach Kalus.


Kalus has it all… When you step in from their gates, everything you expect from a boutique hotel, ¬†lush surroundings to spacious interiors and pictures of cricketing legends can b seen. As soon as you enter, you get the feeling that this hotel is run by a cricket maniac, indeed..It’s run by Romesh Kaluvitharana who happens to be a legendary player for Sri Lanka. The pool has an infinity edge to the river, and you get ¬†better feeling than being in Kingsbury. The restaurant is facing the pool and the rooms too. Moreover, they have a pool table and a spa; gardens are landscaped nicely and the staff was nice enough to give seeds of some flowers to my mom ūüėÄ ¬†The only downside is that I don’t really like their rooms, its not that they are not luxurious enough but its a little unexciting for such a nice hotel which blends with nature so much. They have 14 rooms in two wings all facing the pool and the river which has amazing views.

pool a   BeFunky_1235486_610233995695902_560349120_n.jpg


1255176_610233802362588_1846189174_n  1239397_610234102362558_2060862519_n




Food and Service

Food is generally good and it is not cheap. The¬†a la carte menu’s prices are as same as what you will get in Taprobane’s menu, however the food is up to the standard. I don’t know whether their chef is Chinese but all their dishes have ¬†a hint of Chinese culinary elegance. The service is amazing and staff was very helpful and catered to all out needs.




A full board triple bed room is priced at Rs.20,000 ($180), and a double room is Rs.18,000. However, the staff said they will give discounts to local and frequent travelers. Check Agoda or other travel websites for offers! Yea its the same price as most of the down south 4 or 5 star hotels, but Kalu’s offers you an experience at a whole new level.


Most of the guests are Europeans who come there to Chill and go on safaris. They also have a bar/wine cellar near the pool so you can chill with a beer facing an amazing lake.